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Enzyme Detoxification

Detoxification enzymes are often used to improve the body’s ability to digest food properly and eliminate toxins. In fact, detoxification programs using enzymes are believed to help the body fight diseases as common as cancer and have been used in such a capacity by renowned scientists and doctors such as Kelley, Gerson, Moerman, and Neiper.

According to the Gerson Institute, detoxification enzymes activate the body’s ability to heal itself from toxins and disease. Therefore, detoxification enzymes help the body to eliminate harmful toxins and restore the body to optimal health.

How detoxification enzymes work

Detoxification enzymes work through complex chemical interactions. In some cases, the new bio-chemical processes that are initiated by enzymes can help to eliminate waste directly. In other cases, enzymes play an indirect biological role in eliminating toxins by simply impeding the ability of toxins to develop and multiply.

Detox enzymes and colon cleansing

Detoxification enzymes are commonly used in colon cleansing and digestive health treatments. Enzymes help to break food down so that nutrients can be more easily absorbed and waste can be more effectively processed and eliminated. For example, detoxification enzymes can help to liquefy waste that is stored in the intestines, which helps to flush waste from the system more rapidly. Therefore, detoxification enzymes are commonly recommended as constipation treatment because of their effectiveness in breaking down bowels.