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Understanding the Benefits of Detoxification.

There is an area of great misunderstanding and confusion in the nutrition field. It is the failure to understand and interpret the symptoms and changes that will occur after implementing an improved nutrition program. What can be expected to happen when a marked improvement in diet is begun? Remarkable things begin to happen in the mind and body. When the quality of nutrition or food entering the body is higher quality than the quality of tissue the body is made of, the “body intelligence” senses this, and begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues and begins “constructing” new cells and tissues with the superior elements provided.

There will be signs or symptoms that are recognizable when lower grade food elements are eliminated, and more alive, superior quality food elements are introduced into the body. If stimulant use, such as caffeinated coffee, tea or chocolate is discontinued, headaches may occur. This is because the body is discarding toxic residue of caffeine which the body is removing from its tissues and transporting through the bloodstream during its many circulatory rounds. Before these toxins reach the final destination for elimination, these irritating toxins may overwhelm the body’s filtration system. The process of removal and elimination out of the body is an incredible cleansing process.

Detoxification symptoms usually do not persist more than a few days, but can include, in addition to headaches, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, lethargy, or general malaise. During this initial detoxification phase, which lasts about 10 days on average but may last as long as several weeks in very toxic individuals, the body’s vital energies that usually exist in the external areas of the body, such as muscles and skin, begin to shift to internal organs for the purpose of the reconstruction phase.

This shifting of power to the internal region may produce a feeling of decreased energy in the muscles, and the mind may interpret this as weakness. Actually, power is probably increased, but that power is being used to rebuild and reconstruct important organs and less energy is available for muscular function. Interesting feelings begin to appear as an improved diet and nutrition program gradually raises the quality of food in the daily diet.

The “body intelligence” reasons something such as: “Oh! Look at this superior material I can use. I can now get rid of all the old garbage and start to rebuild beautiful new cells and tissues.” The body will begin immediately to eliminate excess bile from the liver and the gallbladder and send it to the intestines. It will also begin to move sludge from the arteries, veins and capillaries. Arthritic deposits in and on the joints will be cleaned up. The toxic residue from irritating food preservatives, pharmaceuticals, aspirin, sleeping pills and tobacco that have burdened the body for so long, along with masses of fat, will be eliminated.

Detoxification - Deep Cleanse for a Radiant Smile

Detoxification is a necessary act of internal purification in today's highly polluted environment. The approach is conscious eating and periods of voluntary fasting, as this can nourish the mind, body and spirit, extend life, defy ageing and boost our energy and creativity. It is also a healthier way to lose weight.

Inner cleansing provides a point of exit for the chemicals and residue of dead waste that cling to our organs, and is a good starting point for dealing with allergies and addictions. It makes us aware of when and how we eat emotionally and helps us replace destructive habits with more constructive ones. Sophisticated modes of purification include: Enemas and intestinalic Hydrotherapy which can also alleviate acne, fibroids, ME, eczema, constipation, premature wrinkles, IBS, headaches, lethargy, diarrhea and depression.

Some of the more stringent yet potent methods of cleansing are vegetable juice and water fasts. Other self-help methods include: looking into Ayurveda (to determine one's body type and food quality), Taoist philosophy (on how to balance blood and food temperature) and urinating on litmus paper to monitor acidity levels. However, inner cleansing to heal more chronic illnesses should be supervised by a practitioner.

Even a basic automaton needs a period of respite, a timely service to purify its insides and fine-tune for maximum performance. The human machine which has inherent intelligence and a potential to survive healthily for over a hundred years, is possibly one of nature's greatest inventions, since it harnesses the ability to self-heal and self-produce. But unlike any other machine, it recharges much better at certain times of the year, usually around season changes and the full moon, when energies are high. Generally, a month-long macrobiotic cleanse which avoids dairy, meat, alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed), and wheat will offer your system adequate time to re-establish equilibrium and entrench new habits.

The following program can be adapted to suit your needs at any given time. But the important thing is to ensure your detox program be managed by the individual and if necessary, a practitioner. For instance, if one smokes or relies on prescription and recreational drugs or alcohol then the first thing would be to give yourself time to consider minimizing or, even better, giving up. Detoxification may encourage more positive thinking but if mental patterns are so ingrained, they can cause toxicity in the body. A qualified therapist might be able to help you deal with them.

Some kind of daily exercise that works for you is vital to any health regime. Choose something and do it regularly, be it abseiling, power-walking, or yoga. It magnifies your inner strength, improves self-image and releases the energy to live the lifestyle you want. Always remember that if you are detoxifying to cleanse, cure an illness or simply to defy ageing, the best advice would be to take things in your own time – even if that means committing to just one thing at a time. This will reinforce your resolve to continue detoxing throughout your whole life.