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Metabolic Detoxification



Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body, neutralizing or transforming them, and clearing excess mucus and congestion. Many of these toxins come from our diet, drug use, and environmental exposure, both acute and chronic. Internally, fats, especially oxidized fats and cholesterol, free radicals, and other irritating molecules act as toxins. Poor digestion, colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function, and poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin all add to increased toxicity.

Youthfulness and Energy.

Most of these practices and products can be somewhat beneficial, for the right person at the right time—but they do little to address the internal cause of many of the issues which create poor health, lack of energy, and brain fog.  So much attention is paid to external  “band aid “ type solutions, that many fail to stop and connect the dots between  the internal build up of toxins, and their resulting external physical symptoms.

Intestinal Cleanse Label

How Do PROBIOTICS Promote Good Health?

From the day we were born there have been billions of bacteria living in our digestive tract at all times. Most are helpful, some do harm. To maintain digestive health, the idea is to keep a proper balance between the two. When there is an imbalance, diarrhea, constipation/irregularity, bloating, gas and other intestinal discomforts can result.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to the good bacteria already inside our bodies. Available to us mainly through dietary supplements and foods, these probiotics can restore intestinal balance by boosting the number of those bacteria that are helpful to us.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES... what are they?

Digestive enzymes that you are born with occur naturally in the body and their purpose is to aid the food enzymes in digestion. Digestive enzymes most commonly known are secreted from the pancreas into the stomach and small intestine. They are protease, which breaks down proteins, amylase for breaking down carbohydrates, lipase for the breakdown of fats, and cellulase for fiber.

Digestive Enzymes
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